New Year Resolutions: 2017 Edition

Happy, happy New Year to you all! Can you believe it is 2017? Let's just take a second to let that sink in. 

Ok, are we good? Just checking.

As another year begins, another one ends - this can be a bittersweet feeling for some of you. Those of you whom had a smashing 2016 might not have wanted it to end. However, some of you probably could not wait to start 2017.  Or maybe you experienced a mix of those feelings. Wherever your heart and soul may be coming into 2017, we hope they are happy places. <3

Now, the whole concept of New Year Resolutions is life-changing and gripping to some, yet completely mainstream and silly to others. To be honest, we are those people who like to create goals more so than resolutions when approaching a new year. These goals center around our personal and professional lives. This blog post is a compilation of just that; personal and professional goals to conquer in 2017. This is YOUR year.

Enjoy, and cheers to this New Year! 



1. Personal - Confidence, confidence, confidence. Did we say it enough times? This is HUGE. Confidence has everything to do with how you view yourself, view others and view life. You are unique and special - own the amazing person you are 24/7 365. Once you do this you will see how many doors open up to you. 

2. Professional - Improve communication skills. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee of an enormous corporation, improving the way you speak and listen to people (face-to-face or via a computer/phone) will open your eyes to different perspectives you did not see before. When you understand different perspectives, you gain more and more wisdom.

3. Personal - Spend more time with those who matter most. We all know life is busy. Life throws you for loops all the dang time. Plans change on the fly. People's feelings get hurt. Eliminate those who bring no positivity or happiness into your life. Yeah, it sounds a little harsh but why waste time on catering to those who give nothing in return? Be with that niche of people who celebrates you, confides in you and genuinely cares for you. It will do wonders for your life.

4. Professional - Be polite. So this one could count as both but we wanted to list it under professional because often professionals can forget politeness! DON'T ever forget politeness. Politeness is the fuel to business. Word of mouth referrals are one of the biggest ways businesses become out-of-garage shops to giant enterprises. Always treat those the way you would like to be treated and we guarantee almost every time you will reap those benefits.

5. Personal - Meet new peeps. Take that leap of faith out of your comfort zone. Go to a coffee shop by yourself without your laptop or cell and sit there. Just sit there. Putting away the consistent need to pull out your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed just because you're alone. Instead, get up and say hi to a stranger. It may sound old fashioned, but since when is that a bad thing?

6. Professional - Persistence. Make 2017 the year of persistence. Persist at work - whatever it is you do. Persist through the fears, the self-doubt, the anxieties holding you back. Persevere. Because we all know how very sweet it is when you work hard and get your desired result. There is nothing like it.