Team Tassy's Blackjack Spectacular

Tonight, we had the privilege of being a part of the Team Tassy Blackjack Spectacular Event held at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory.  

If you are not familiar with Team Tassy, they are a Pittsburgh based nonprofit supporting Haitian families.  Team Tassy is led by founder Ian Rosenberger and supported by a team of amazing people defending a meaningful mission: accompanying families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs.  As we know, there has been more devastating damage in Haiti due to the recent hurricanes. If there is a time to help these families, it is now more than ever. 

Now let's talk shop. This was the third annual Blackjack Spectacular Team Tassy has hosted at The Priory.  The event centered around an evening of blackjack, authentic Haitian food, cocktails, and amazing raffle prizes (including an electric guitar signed by the Rolling Stones. Yeah, awesome.)  There was also three tables organized to help educate guests on some of Team Tassy's work that displayed Haitian culture and Haitian families in need of donations. They had a turnout of about 250.  The Blackjack Spectacular is funded through local sponsors; Allegheny Health Network, Howard Hanna and more.  As guests you had three choices of admission; general admission, VIP or Private Table. The general admission tickets were priced at $50 which included 2 drinks and 10 gambling chips, the VIP tickets were priced at $100 and included an exclusive blackjack cocktail hour, open bar and 10 gambling chips, the private table admission tickets were priced at $1000 and included an entire table for the entire evening, 8 VIP tickets and reserved seating. Live music played in the background creating an upbeat atmosphere, so needless to say, spirits were high.

This event not only was a spectacular time (see, I told you I like puns. So lame.), but it was also so inspiring. The importance of this fundraised money is critical. With this money Team Tassy will be able to break the cycles of poverty in Haiti and provide stability to those who need it most. It truly is a beautiful thing. I have great admiration for this organization, the team members and those who support this charitable cause. 

If you find it on your heart to donate to this one-of-a-kind corporation I will link the page below. 

A very special thanks to Team Tassy and Lauren Molinaro for letting A & L assist in this hugely successful event!