The Infamous Pittsburgh Cookie Table

They Say ‘I Do’, And Then You Say ‘Where’s The Cookie Table?’


Everyone knows that aside from the couple saying their “I do’s” and the dancing [duh], the next most important thing at a wedding reception are the desserts!


Wedding cake is a must, and as most of you probably know, I am a huge fan of cupcakes. However, if you’re from Pittsburgh, I know what you have your eyes open for …

THE COOKIES! Hundreds of dozens of them. Or as many of you like to call it – The Pittsburgh Cookie Table!


Wedding receptions in the Pittsburgh area have, for as long as most people can remember, featured cookie tables. It is one of the most beloved wedding reception traditions in Pittsburgh. These tables display thousands of homemade old-fashioned cookies, the traditional favorites, and some of the most popular well-known cookies from bakeries in the area.


For weeks, or if you’re like my Italian family, maybe months, family members buckle down in the kitchen making dozens and dozens of delicious cookies to be showcased and later enjoyed by guests. Some may have moms, grandmothers, aunts, or friends making these cookies, but it’s not such a bad idea to buy some cookies from the delicious bakeries around Pittsburgh as well.


So, here are some of my favorites [Although, let’s be real, any cookie is my favorite cookie]:


Prantl’s Bakery: They offer a variety of different cookies. Really anything you could think up. Thumbprints, vanilla fudge, cutout cookies with jimmies [If you’re not from Pittsburgh, that means sprinkles!], and last but not least, the toasted almond cookie—about as close as you’re going to get to the infamous burnt almond torte cake from Prantl’s, without having the actual cake itself—aka a must!


Bethel Bakery: You can absolutely not go wrong ordering your mini lady lox from Bethel Bakery. They. Are. So. Good. Every. Single. Time. In addition to that goodness, also try out the buck eyes, chocolate chip half dip, jelly tea, and you cannot forget about the strassberger butter!


Oakmont Bakery: Assorted mini cheesecakes, mini creampuffs, peanut butter blossoms (classic!), and nut and apricot kolache. Don’t even question me, just go try these, and then order!


Eat’n’Park: This is me half being silly, half being semi serious [ok, really serious]. But for real, what’s a Pittsburgh cookie table without SMILEY COOKIES?!


How many cookies? How many is too many? Well, I say you can never have too many cookies. However, being realistic, most bakeries and people suggest about 3-4 cookies per guest. Personally, I would double that and say 6-7, and then some extra J


So, a little words of wisdom: Do not be the Pittsburgh couple that doesn’t know what to say when guests as “Where’s the Cookie Table?”


NOTE: Be sure to include goodie bags/boxes on the table, because I can bet you that all of your guests are going to want to take some home!


- A