Tis The Season... To Not Be Stressed!

5 DIY Holiday Inspired Favors


Weather is getting colder, houses are getting decorated, presents are being bought, but for those of you planning holiday parties or winter weddings—we know you have a lot more stress [and fun] on your plate.


That’s why we’re here to inspire you! 


You want to give your guests something special to leave with besides memories, but you’re unsure of what to give. You may want to do something creative, but you probably want to save money where you can, am I right? These 5 DIY holiday inspired favors are perfect for any small holiday gathering or a huge winter wonderland wedding. 


Relax by the fire, slippers on, hot chocolate in hand, and read away.


Tis the season, 



1. Brownies/Hot Chocolate In A Jar

YUM. Need I Say More? Everyone Loves Brownies And Everyone Loves Hot Chocolate, Especially During The Holiday Season.  This Is An Easy And Thoughtful Favor That Will Be Sure To Put A Smile On Every Guest’s Face—Regardless Of Age! Not To Mention Your Guests Will Remember How Great Of A Time They Had At Your Wedding Or Event When They’re Baking Those Brownies Or Making That Hot Chocolate Weeks After Your Special Day! 


2. Mini Evergreen Trees

Maybe I Am A Fan Of This One Because I Adore Greenery, But How Much More Holiday-Inspired Can You Get Than A Mini Christmas Tree? Simply A Great Seasonal Gift. Plus, Your Partygoers Are Headed Home With A Tree (Well A Tree Seedling), But How Cool Is That? 


3. Gold Champagne Cork Name Place Holders

I Love, Love, Love This One! It May Not Be The Most Use-Able Something For Your Partygoers To Leave With, But They Are Cute And Festive In My Book! All You Need Are Champagne Corks (Perfect Excuse For You To Drink Endless Amounts Of Champagne—You’re Welcome), A Paintbrush, Gold Paint, And Name Cards Of Your Choice Decorated However You Would Like With Your Guests Names! Perfect For A Chic Wedding Or A New Years Even Celebration! 


4. Snowball Cake Pops

The Easiest, Yet Yummiest Way To Please Your Guests Taste Buds! Even If You’re Not A Baking Connoisseur, A Cake Pop Is Simple To Make! Decorate Them By Dipping Them In White Chocolate And Then Rolling In Coconut Or Sugar Crystals And Voila—A Snowball Inspired Cake Pop! Get Extra Fancy By Tying A Customizable Tag And Wrapping Them In Small Plastic Candy Bags. Even Your Guests Who Don’t Like Snow Will Be Sure To Like These Sweet Treats!


5. Holiday Colored Wine Glasses

Is the saying “great minds think alike” or “great minds drink alike?”    We know which one we prefer, and we know which ones your guests will prefer too! Cheap wine glasses are a fun and affordable way to give your guests something practical they can use all the time. And, who says all of the glasses need to match? If your wedding or event is far enough away, collect holiday colored glasses, as you see them to have a unique collection for your guests to choose from. Cheers!


Photography Inspo: Pinterest