Groovy Groomsmen Gifts | Awards for Outstanding BROfessionalism


Looking for a meaningful, fun, yet classy way to show your best buds how appreciative you are of them standing beside you on what’s to be the biggest day of your life? Well gents, look no further than Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is the perfect online destination “to help you hunt for the ultimate cool and unique personalized gift ideas, delivered quickly to your doorstep”. They have a very large range of different types of gifts that can be customized to meet your specific criterias. It’s truly a one-stop-shop made easy!

Some of our brides often ask us, on behalf of their grooms, about the proper type of groomsmen gift to give - of course, they want it to be special and thoughtful, however they do not want to break the bank (if you have planned a wedding, or are in the process of doing so then you know exactly the importance of budgeting!).

We believe with Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, any groom, on any budget can find the perfect party pleaser for his gang! Recently, after being approached from the website, we had the opportunity to review one of their top items -- The to the 9s Tri Pack.

Let’s get into the facts. Currently, The to the 9s Tri Pack is priced at $39.99, a very reasonable price for the high quality goods it is comprised of. The gift comes in a small wood box, personalized with the name of your groomsman. The box easily opens by pulling the top compartment off, revealing what is inside. Inside, your groomsman will find a set of initialed cuff links, a money clip, and a tie clip. These accessories are an ideal way to spiff up any suit or tux, especially the one worn for wedding day!

Not only was the wooden box housing the accessories engraved with the first name of each groomsmen, the items inside were made out of silver and stainless steel. They were modern, clean and crisp - adding just the right amount of shine and sophistication to your groomsmen party get up. For the price, you really can not beat this deal. Plus, it is a complimentary gift for everybody, no matter how different your groomsmen may be, all will appreciate a gift that keeps on giving.;-)

Overall, we give Groovy Groomsmen a 10/10. Their customer service is extremely polite and positive, their items are high quality, their variety is outstanding and their delivery was right on time. We call that a win.

Spread the word. If you are in search of gifts with “BROfessionalism” you now know where to go -- Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.

A big thank you to Tom Ryan for connecting with us, we loved having the opportunity to feature Groovy Groomsmen and showcase The to the 9s Tri Pack on our blog!


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PS - who got the Anchorman reference? :-)