Team Tassy's Blackjack Spectacular

Tonight, we had the privilege of being a part of the Team Tassy Blackjack Spectacular Event held at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory.  

If you are not familiar with Team Tassy, they are a Pittsburgh based nonprofit supporting Haitian families.  Team Tassy is led by founder Ian Rosenberger and supported by a team of amazing people defending a meaningful mission: accompanying families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs.  As we know, there has been more devastating damage in Haiti due to the recent hurricanes. If there is a time to help these families, it is now more than ever. 

Now let's talk shop. This was the third annual Blackjack Spectacular Team Tassy has hosted at The Priory.  The event centered around an evening of blackjack, authentic Haitian food, cocktails, and amazing raffle prizes (including an electric guitar signed by the Rolling Stones. Yeah, awesome.)  There was also three tables organized to help educate guests on some of Team Tassy's work that displayed Haitian culture and Haitian families in need of donations. They had a turnout of about 250.  The Blackjack Spectacular is funded through local sponsors; Allegheny Health Network, Howard Hanna and more.  As guests you had three choices of admission; general admission, VIP or Private Table. The general admission tickets were priced at $50 which included 2 drinks and 10 gambling chips, the VIP tickets were priced at $100 and included an exclusive blackjack cocktail hour, open bar and 10 gambling chips, the private table admission tickets were priced at $1000 and included an entire table for the entire evening, 8 VIP tickets and reserved seating. Live music played in the background creating an upbeat atmosphere, so needless to say, spirits were high.

This event not only was a spectacular time (see, I told you I like puns. So lame.), but it was also so inspiring. The importance of this fundraised money is critical. With this money Team Tassy will be able to break the cycles of poverty in Haiti and provide stability to those who need it most. It truly is a beautiful thing. I have great admiration for this organization, the team members and those who support this charitable cause. 

If you find it on your heart to donate to this one-of-a-kind corporation I will link the page below. 

A very special thanks to Team Tassy and Lauren Molinaro for letting A & L assist in this hugely successful event!


Toni's Timeline Tips

So you have spent months planning an upcoming event, or in some cases, a wedding.

Now you are feeling stressed and worried because what if everything doesn’t run smoothly or on time? What if something is missing or that Pinterest idea you spent a month making doesn’t even get used? Well, the easiest way to ensure all of this is to make sure you have a great TIMELINE!

No, no, we are not talking about your Facebook Timeline. But, an event timeline that covers every detail you could imagine for your event or wedding. 

Think of your most prized possession, your go-to, your sidekick—on your event or wedding day—this will be your TIMELINE!

Here are some of Toni’s Timeline Tips:

1.    Start to finish- This tip seems obvious, but it is not always followed! Your timeline needs to start when set up or prep begins for your event or wedding. It needs to conclude at the very end of your event or wedding; most often this is tear down. And it must include everything in between!

2.    Details to details …and then more details – You want to include EVERYTHING. I can tell you first hand that an event or wedding day is hectic, so it’s easy for someone to forget something small or overlook a detail. If there is something you think you may forget, then make sure it is on your timeline! Whether it’s food options, the number of labeled boxes or bins with décor that should present, or who is bringing what at what time, make sure it is there not to forget!             

3.   Names to numbers – On your timeline, you will have the names of who is arriving when, who is bringing what, or what is going where. But, what happens when Sally doesn’t show up with the cake, or someone has a question for the DJ, or you can’t quite remember where that table is going? You will need to double check with people, in which case, it is best to have names and contact information [usually phone numbers] for everyone mentioned on the timeline. This includes vendors, a venue coordinator, certain family or friends, and most importantly YOU! All of this easy to find in one place.

5.   Easy to follow – I cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen timelines [with every detail possible] that make perfect sense to the person who made them, but through the eyes of someone else, it looks like confusion on a page. Confusion leads to questions and questions lead to room for error. To avoid all of this, make sure your timeline is clearly formatted, easy to read, and organized. Use a program you are familiar with. Remember, the straighter forward, the better!    

Hopefully these tips convince you to spend a little more time on your event timeline and a little less time on your Facebook Timeline ;-)


Groomsmen Gift Guide | #GGG

"Bro's before..."

JUST KIDDING! Really, I am.

Although your wedding day is about the love you share together as a couple, a groom can not forget about his day one dudes. If you are a stumped groom-to-be looking for some inspo on what to give your best buds as a token of gratitude for standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life.. Then this is for you.

Remember, you have to keep in mind what fits your groomsmen as a whole. You are the one who knows them best. Spend a little time thinking about what they would appreciate. Personalizing and customizing these gifts is a small extra touch that goes a long way.

  • Mini Bar in a Jar - Easy, but sure to be a hit. Gather your groomsmens' favorite types of liquor and put it in a see-through glass jar. You can individualize each based on their drink(s) of choice.
  • Watch Box - If your guys are into a nice piece of arm candy (and no, not one of the bridesmaids) then customized watches might be what you are looking for.
  • BBQ Set - For the grill master groomsmen out there. Personalizing a full grill set is another great option for your dudes if they are the types to enjoy it, something they can use forever!
  • Cooler Backpack - If your dudes are into hunting, camping, fishing etc. this is a good one. Adding initials is a polished extra touch. My hubs was all over this.
  • Wallet/Cardholder - Customize a leather wallet or cardholder with initials, nicknames. This is useful and can be used for a long time to come.
  • Beer Flight - If your groomsmen are beer connoisseurs look into this one. Of course you can individualize it based on each guy, but what man doesn't want this displayed in their bachelor pad?
  • Cigar Box - With this one, similar to the mini bar, you can personalize each one with the cigars each man prefers. Sure to be a smokin' hit. (Too lame? I know).

There are tons of helpful websites specifically catered to groomsmen gifts these days (I linked some of my faves below). All it takes is one quick Google search. These ideas above are very universal and could work for a wide range of groomsmen. Hopefully it sparked some inspiration, happy groomsmen gifting!

- L

Bridal Beauty: Flawless Foundation

This is the first post of more to come in our "Bridal Beauty" series here on our blog!

Hey there, all my beautiful brides-to-be! I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you. I'm no make-up artist, however, I do consider myself a make-up junkie.. So I'd like to say I know a thing or two :)

Today's post is all about how to create that sought-after flawless skin every bride wants on her wedding day. Below I've assembled types of products, as well as actual product examples, that help to enhance a bride's natural beauty. 

  • Primer: One of the most important steps. Prepares skin for make up. Allows effortless foundation application. Tip - look for a long-lasting and water-resistant primer. Trick - let primer sit for 5 minutes before applying foundation.
    • How do I pick the proper primer based on my skin type? (key words)
      • Dry skin type: moisturizing, hydrating, illuminating [Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Hydrating]
      • Combination skin type: smoothing, equalizing, blurring [Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer]
      • Oily skin type: mattifying, oil control, pore minimizing [Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional] 
  • Foundation: Achieving a flawless complexion is one of the biggest bridal concerns.  Tip - do not use a foundation on your wedding day that contains SPF (translates unflattering on high definition cameras). Trick - apply foundation with a brush then beauty sponge to pick up excess product.
    • How do I pick the proper foundation based on my skin type? (key words)
      • Dry skin type: hydrating, illuminating finish [Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation]
      • Combination skin type: enhancing, natural finish [Make Up For Ever Ultra-HD Invisible Cover Foundation]
      • Oily skin type: mattifying, matte finish [Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup]

I hope you enjoyed this Bridal Beauty blog post and learned a little somethin' from it. And remember ladies, you always wake up flawless. XOXO

- L