A & L

Pictured: Antoinette (right), Lauren (left)

Pictured: Antoinette (right), Lauren (left)


Antoinette Yelenic.  Co-Owner & Founder. Pittsburgh Gal.  Once A Mountaineer, Always A Mountaineer.  Morning Person. Passionate, Precise, & Always Positive.  Cupcake Creator & Connoisseur. Little Sister With A Big Heart.  J. Crew Junkie.  Lipstick Lover.  [Dances] To The Beat of her Own Drum.  Broadway Disney Star In A Past Life.  Why Drink Water When There Is Coffee, Red Wine, and Prosecco? 


Lauren Virgin.  Co-Owner & Founder. Pittsburgh Gal.  Duquesne University Alum.  Married Her Sunday School Crush.  Lovin' Momma To Princess Eva Alyse.  Spirited, Sophisticated, & Always Smiling.  A Little Bit Of Rachel, Monica & Phoebe Rolled Into One. Late Night Blogger.  Appreciates A "Punny" Joke.  90's Julia Roberts' Movie Buff.  Book Worm. Run, [Lauren], Run!  Never Turns Down A Taco.