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meet a:

Antoinette Yelenic. Owner & Founder. Principle Planner.


Toni For Short. Pittsburgh Gal. Once A Mountaineer, Always A Mountaineer. Morning Person. Passionate, Precise, & Always Positive. Cupcake Creator & Connoisseur. Family Oriented With A Big Heart.  Lives For Crossing Things Off A To-Do List. J. Crew Junkie.  Lipstick Lover.  Flats Fanatic.  [Dances] To The Beat of her Own Drum.  Broadway Disney Star In A Past Life.  Life Mantra: Why Drink Water When There Is Coffee, Red Wine, and Prosecco? 

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meet l:

Lauren Virgin. Owner & Founder. Principle Planner.


Laur/Len For Short. Pittsburgh Gal. Duq Alumna.  Married Her Sunday School Crush.  Lovin' Mama To Princess Eva Alyse. Spirited, Sophisticated, & Always Smiling. A Little Of Rachel, Monica & Phoebe Rolled Into One. Ambitionist. Spreadsheet Enthusiast. Creative Soul. Gelato Aficionado. Punny Jokes.  90's Julia Roberts' Movie Buff.  Book Worm. Spin For The Win. Run [Lauren] Run! Life Mantra: Never Turn Down A Taco + Margarita.


W H A T  W E  B E L I E V E

your way. your day. our helping hands.

At A & L Events, we strive to provide you with the most convenient services; we keep your dreams and visions at the forefront of our minds.Therefore, your chosen package will be personalized to your specific wants and needs.

Since the beginning, A & L Events has maintained a mission to assist clients in planning a day that is stress-free and truly memorable. A & L offers up-to-date and modern perspectives yet still maintaining those beloved classic elements. With years of education and experience in areas such as marketing, public relations, communication, wedding/event planning and more, we bring our attention to detail, tasteful design, and passionate personalities to ensure that all of those late nights, stressful decisions, and hefty investments come together and go smoothly for you to sit back and enjoy [or if you're like us, dance the night away and enjoy].  

What sets us apart from other wedding consultants is our caring commitment to our clients.

We will give you the special attention that you deserve. We ensure that each aspect going into your wedding day will flow in perfect harmony to create a once-in-a-lifetime, seamless experience for you and your loved ones. Your organizational needs, from assistance on the day of the wedding to each and every planning detail, along with anything that falls in between, will be customized to your specifications and tailored to meet your vision. You will not find two more dedicated consultants or planners who will attend to your smallest details. We are devoted to completing your envisionment and making your day about you and your love. It will be our sincere pleasure to assist you with your special day. Whatever you are seeking, we will work with you to design the day of your dreams!


L O V E  N O T E S

A&L Events was quite possibly the best part of my wedding planning process! Hiring A & L was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I highly recommend their services. I was able to keep my mind off of all the business related details the day of my wedding which meant my stress level was down and I was able to enjoy my family, friends, and dance the night away!
— Beth K.
A & L Events has a delightful uniqueness about the way they run their business. Lauren and Toni are the most delightful people to work with, and hold a standard of professionalism like no other. In working with them through collaborative shoots, they were creative, timely, and always available to contact about every little detail. These ladies create such an experience for their clients and create something that’s truly magic. We cannot say enough about the work they do!
— Susie P.
I have worked with the talented ladies of A&L Events on several occasions and I can’t rave about them enough! They are extremely professional and amazing to work with, and I am always so impressed with how they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Lauren and Toni love what they do, and will make your event everything you hoped for and more! I can’t wait for our future collaborations together! Thank you, ladies, for making every event spectacular!
— Lauren D.
I was unsure of whether or not I wanted to get a wedding planner but I am SO glad I did! Toni & Lauren were amazing wedding planners and I felt completely relaxed on the day of my wedding because of them. They even went above and beyond to make sure that my rehearsal dinner was perfect as well. They were always professional and there when I needed advice on my wedding. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They made a huge difference in my wedding day!
— Josie C.
Toni and Lauren were the absolute best to work with. We used them for day of coordination, which actually included a lot more services than we expected. They did so much for us, and took so much stress off of us, it was amazing. They are super organized and made us feel like our wedding was the only one they were working on. Working with Toni and Lauren felt more like working with two friends, which was great. They did everything they possibly could to make our day special and I would recommend to any bride to hire them.
— Karen P.
Lauren and Toni of A & L Events are amazing!!! Experienced, professional, organized, passionate, hard-working, and detail-oriented, these girls are excellent event planners and I could not recommend their services more! A & L were our wedding planners for our very unique and DIY wedding. A & L were truly our advocates for our vision! They understood what we wanted to accomplish and were not afraid to make it happen! At our first meeting, we were so impressed by Lauren and Toni’s receptivity, creativity, flexibility and attention to every detail we shared with them. They really listened and understood what we were trying to accomplish. A & L have such amazing “can do” attitudes with a willingness to problem solve and take on any responsibility that was needed, big or small. A & L always kept us informed and kept in close touch with us throughout our planning process, which put this bride-to-be’s mind at ease! There was a particular moment that stood out to me. I was stressed by a decision we needed to make. Amidst the chaos Lauren pulled me aside to ask me individually how I truly felt. I was so touched by her sensitivity and kindness! She and Toni made sure each decision reflected our vision, and I am so glad we did not have to compromise in any way. They were always prepared and their assistance took such a load of stress off of me, me, my husband, and our families. Due to their experience they knew the right questions to ask and when. They did so much for us! On our actual wedding weekend, they set up the entire reception venue and transformed a 100-year-old barn into a dreamy fairytale setting. They also kept our entire bridal party and our families organized and on schedule. Our guests were amazed by the entire day (all thanks to A & L’s hard work) and our vendors were raving at how easy A & L made the weekend go for them as well. These girls are such go-getters and as sweet as can be. Our wedding day could not have been successful without them! We give A & L’s services top marks for their services, attitudes, preparation and heart they gave to our wedding. An easy recommendation for me to make!
— Megan G.
Toni and Lauren were the missing piece in the puzzle of my sister’s wedding. The event was a full-on DIY, with coordination necessary between a dozen different vendors. These two ladies organized meetings with my family prior to the event to discuss the bride’s vision for the day and the timeline for the weekend. Toni and Lauren created color-coded timelines unique to the bridal party, my parents, and themselves, complete with A&L action items, their phone numbers, and specific times down to five minute increments. They took an enormous amount of stress off of my family and the bride herself. Toni and Lauren are organized, professional, hard workers, and I would highly recommend their event planning services to anyone who is planning a wedding.
— Samantha C.
If you’re looking for ladies to take care of your every need whether it be months in advance or day of - Toni and Lauren are your girls! Lauren and Toni both acted as our day-of coordinators. Toni was there every step of the way, helping with all of the wedding details. She was on phone duty and answered all of the calls that needed to be taken care of. She was a rockstar. Lauren came with us to the reception venue days before to learn about where things needed to go and get contacts and was at the rehearsal. She also took on the huge role of making the reception was set up perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me out on the most important day for Dan and I. We loved these girls like they were family and hopefully plan together with them soon. Thank you ladies!!
— Katie J.
Toni and Lauren are amazing to work with. They take the stress right out of your wedding day. You can really trust them to get the job done. The last week before your wedding is by far the most stressful time and I was thankful to have Toni and Lauren there making the calls and coordinating times with all my vendors. They compiled a day of timeline and made sure everyone was kept on track and they day went as smooth as possible. They checked in on my periodically to ensure that I didn’t need anything.
— Jessica Z.
A & L Events did an AMAZING job with my wedding. A & L gave me peace of mind on my big day — the best gift a bride can ask for! Absolutely would hire these ladies again.
— Leandra C.

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