At A & L Events, our mission is to provide you with the most convenient services; we keep your dreams and visions at the forefront of our minds. Your chosen package will be personalized to your specific wants and needs.

Photography by: Rodger Obley

Photography by: Rodger Obley


From "Once Upon A TimE" to "Happily Ever After"

Full Wedding Planning & Coordination is best suited for couples who have not yet started their planning process, or are in the very beginning stages desiring major involvement and assistance from a professional. We will be your voice, your eyes and your ears from beginning to end. Usually, this package consists of 8 months to 18 months of planning and coordination. 

tying the ribbon in a pretty, precise bow

Month Of Wedding Planning & Coordination is created for the couple who has done the bulk of planning themselves - booking venues, vendors, catering and other details. We step in four weeks prior to the wedding date to complete and manage the remaining specifics - we will then act as the liaison between you and your vendors.

day dreams Come true

Day Of Wedding Planning & Coordination is the package designed to solely finalize wedding day details. One meeting is held to conclude the organization and planning. Timelines are created and distributed to your vendors. Overseeing and direction of your vendors and bridal party is provided.



Photography by: A & L Events

Photography by: A & L Events


from beginning to end

Full Event Planning & Coordination is similar to our Full Wedding Planning & Coordination package; in that we will be your guide, liaison, shoulder to cry on and personal assistant throughout the entire planning process. We will carry out your ideas, requests, concepts and suggestions - whether you are planning a corporate event, big birthday bash, anniversary celebration or holiday party.

lending our expertise & assistance

Month Of Event Planning & Coordination is constructed to assist with the home stretch of the hard work you have put in to creating an amazing event. We will be the new point of contact concerning the venue, vendors and guests. We suggest four weeks of involvement to ensure a smooth event. So sit back, relax, we got it from here.


Day Of Event Planning & Coordination is for the individual who wants to take the reigns on each event detail, but wants to reap the benefits of their labor when it comes to party time (who doesn't?!). We meet once before the event to finalize all logistics. Our services are available to coordinate, organize and execute all of the specifics. 




investment + Travel

Each wedding, couple, event and individual is beautifully different. It makes what we do that more meaningful; and one of the hundred reasons why we love the heck out of what we do. We understand the importance of a customized, special and truly memorable celebration for you and your loved ones. We will always travel for love, from north to south, east to west - we want to be apart of your love story! It would be our pleasure to act as your helping hands to protect your precious time, efforts and funds you have put forth towards the day of your dreams.

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