Groomsmen Gift Guide

"Bro's before..."

JUST KIDDING! Really, I am.

Although your wedding day is about the love you share together as a couple, a groom can not forget about his day one dudes. If you are a stumped groom-to-be looking for some inspo on what to give your best buds as a token of gratitude for standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life.. Then this is for you.

Remember, you have to keep in mind what fits your groomsmen as a whole. You are the one who knows them best. Spend a little time thinking about what they would appreciate. Personalizing and customizing these gifts is a small extra touch that goes a long way.

  • Mini Bar in a Jar - Easy, but sure to be a hit. Gather your groomsmens' favorite types of liquor and put it in a see-through glass jar. You can individualize each based on their drink(s) of choice.
  • Watch Box - If your guys are into a nice piece of arm candy (and no, not one of the bridesmaids) then customized watches might be what you are looking for.
  • BBQ Set - For the grill master groomsmen out there. Personalizing a full grill set is another great option for your dudes if they are the types to enjoy it, something they can use forever!
  • Cooler Backpack - If your dudes are into hunting, camping, fishing etc. this is a good one. Adding initials is a polished extra touch. My hubs was all over this.
  • Wallet/Cardholder - Customize a leather wallet or cardholder with initials, nicknames. This is useful and can be used for a long time to come.
  • Beer Flight - If your groomsmen are beer connoisseurs look into this one. Of course you can individualize it based on each guy, but what man doesn't want this displayed in their bachelor pad?
  • Cigar Box - With this one, similar to the mini bar, you can personalize each one with the cigars each man prefers. Sure to be a smokin' hit. (Too lame? I know).

There are tons of helpful websites specifically catered to groomsmen gifts these days (I linked some of my faves below). All it takes is one quick Google search. These ideas above are very universal and could work for a wide range of groomsmen. Hopefully it sparked some inspiration, happy groomsmen gifting!

- L