Six Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

Hello lovelies,

So, we know most of you have a one-track mind when it comes to finding your wedding dress - it needs to be perfect. And by perfect I mean all the stars have aligned in heaven, you've had at least 5 signs telling you it is the one and you can not picture yourself in anything else when walking down the aisle to forever with your best friend. We know, we get it.

However, what happens to that beautiful gown post wedding? You have loved it unconditionally up until the "I do's"; it has become a cherished memory engraved in your mind symbolizing the love you share with your spouse so hanging it up in a dark closet would just be wrong.. right?

Depending on the type of person you are, you may want to get creative with it - incorporate your dress into something that you can look at on the daily. Below we have shared 10 ways that your wedding dress can be re-created into something new, hopefully some of the ideas inspire you :)

Happy weekend,


1. Lace Pendant - If your wedding dress has lace detailing - snipping a small section of the lace off and inserting it into a locket-type necklace make for a beautiful and beloved piece of jewelry.

2. Bouquet Wrap - Whether it is your daughter, niece or another special gal in your life making a wrap for their bridal bouquet is the perfect sentimental touch.

3. Throw Pillow - For those of you who adore home decor, using material from your gown to create a throw pillow for you and your partner's bed would add a romantic feel.

4. Christening Gown - This one is one of my favorites. How special would it be for your children to get baptized in the dress you wore to marry their father. Such a symbol of love coming full circle.

5. Wall Art - If you are really artsy then you would be brave enough to create a wall piece with the material from your dress; something special to hang in your bedroom or anywhere in the house that your eyes often wander.

6. Photoshoot - This one is fun. Once your closest group of gals (sisters, friends - whoever they may be) are all married put on your wedding gowns and do a photoshoot. These pictures will be the ones you love looking back on in years to come.