Eva's Winter ONEderland!

Yesterday we threw a party. Not just any party, a FIRST birthday party.

Before I was a mom, I truly never thought I was going to be the type who goes "all out" for a 1st birthday party. Wellllll, turns out I am. And you know what? I own it. I think 18 hours of labor, 365 days of #momming, and 24/7 care for a little human calls for one big celebration. Celebrate we did. 

Before I go into the party deets, let me give you a little bit of background info.

Last year at this time, I was a little over 9 months pregnant. Our condo was the cleanest it has ever been. My nails were freshly painted a new color everyday. I had read a plethora of books. Basically, I had too much time on my hands waiting for this little girl to make her world debut. During my "nesting" period the unpredictable Pittsburgh weather was chilly, yet no snow in sight. Up until Friday, January 22 that is. The Steel City was Snowmageddon. We're not talking a few flurries, my Pittsburgh peeps will understand this.

My husband came home from work that Friday the 22nd covered in snowflakes. A perfect reason to start a fire and Netflix the night away. We could see the snow falling heavier and heavier outside, and I do remember thinking to myself "If baby girl decides to come now we will be screwed driving to the hospital". 

Yep, you guessed it. That night I started having serious contractions so Danny and I grabbed our overpacked, pre-packed (first time parent probs) hospital ready bag and off we went into the tundra. 

That next day on Saturday, January 23 5:26pm our little sweetie Eva Alyse was born. I can still remember it so vividly. It is an unexplainable thing to those who have not yet experienced the overwhelming joy and awe of becoming a parent. We just can not get enough of our little Evie.

Ok, I'm done with the emotional momma stuff. Let's talk shop.

Because Eva was born in the January 2016 snowstorm, I wanted to incorporate that into her birthday party somehow. Hence, Eva's Winter ONEderland. 

I am a sucker for a pink and gold color combo - that's the girly girl in me. We incorporated a color scheme of pink, blush, gold, silver, ivory and rose gold. We were in luck when it came to the decor of this party, a local craft store was discounting most of their Christmas goodies so we cleared them out taking any winter-esque/sparkly/glittery related decor item we knew would look amazing paired with our theme. 

For balloons, table cloths, eating ware as well as other party necessities we went to one of our favorite party supplying websites; ShopSweetLulu. They have absolutely everything under the sun when it comes to throwing a snazzy shin-dig. 

The centerpieces we wanted to keep fairly simple. We used mason jars and filled them with pink, blush and gold bits of crinkled confetti paper then arranged sparkly, winter white faux branches in them with a gold glitter accent. To complete the centerpieces we added foiled gold and ivory tissue paper molded around the mason jar, then we added a pink fluorescent confetti circled around the entire piece. 

My very favorite part of Eva's Winter ONEderland was the desert table. OBVIOUSLY. Mediterra Bakehouse was the lovely creator of Eva's smash cake and the cake for our guests. They did a lovely job of keeping the sweet, dainty feel I was going for and keeping with the ONEderland theme. Not to mention how delicious the buttercream icing and burnt almond batter was! Yum, yum, yum.

Cupcakes were baked by my bestie and business partner, Toni. She's always been a cupcake connoisseur, baking delicious treats yet always coming out with a creative style more charming than the last - for Evie's cupcakes she topped each with beautiful blush pink frosting and either a sparkly white snowflake or a glittery gold "1" with the cutest little pink tulle bow. She's like Betty Crocker, but better. They were a fan favorite for sure.

The French macaroons were from one of our absolute favorite bakeries when it comes to macaroons; Bartram House Bakery. Pink and ivory of course! Got to stick with the theme. Those are their raspberry buttercream and white chocolate ganache flavors. They were such an elegant little touch to the desert table.

Eva's Winter ONEderland was certainly sweet but definitely made even sweeter with the loved ones who celebrated with us - I feel so overwhelmed with love and happiness when I think about all of the amazing people in my life, who now are in my baby girl's life. All the heart flutters. 

A & L Events would love to be apart of your special little guy or gal's first birthday - there's not a lot we love more than babies and cake. Beside brides and cake, of course. :) 



New Year Resolutions: 2017 Edition

Happy, happy New Year to you all! Can you believe it is 2017? Let's just take a second to let that sink in. 

Ok, are we good? Just checking.

As another year begins, another one ends - this can be a bittersweet feeling for some of you. Those of you whom had a smashing 2016 might not have wanted it to end. However, some of you probably could not wait to start 2017.  Or maybe you experienced a mix of those feelings. Wherever your heart and soul may be coming into 2017, we hope they are happy places. <3

Now, the whole concept of New Year Resolutions is life-changing and gripping to some, yet completely mainstream and silly to others. To be honest, we are those people who like to create goals more so than resolutions when approaching a new year. These goals center around our personal and professional lives. This blog post is a compilation of just that; personal and professional goals to conquer in 2017. This is YOUR year.

Enjoy, and cheers to this New Year! 



1. Personal - Confidence, confidence, confidence. Did we say it enough times? This is HUGE. Confidence has everything to do with how you view yourself, view others and view life. You are unique and special - own the amazing person you are 24/7 365. Once you do this you will see how many doors open up to you. 

2. Professional - Improve communication skills. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee of an enormous corporation, improving the way you speak and listen to people (face-to-face or via a computer/phone) will open your eyes to different perspectives you did not see before. When you understand different perspectives, you gain more and more wisdom.

3. Personal - Spend more time with those who matter most. We all know life is busy. Life throws you for loops all the dang time. Plans change on the fly. People's feelings get hurt. Eliminate those who bring no positivity or happiness into your life. Yeah, it sounds a little harsh but why waste time on catering to those who give nothing in return? Be with that niche of people who celebrates you, confides in you and genuinely cares for you. It will do wonders for your life.

4. Professional - Be polite. So this one could count as both but we wanted to list it under professional because often professionals can forget politeness! DON'T ever forget politeness. Politeness is the fuel to business. Word of mouth referrals are one of the biggest ways businesses become out-of-garage shops to giant enterprises. Always treat those the way you would like to be treated and we guarantee almost every time you will reap those benefits.

5. Personal - Meet new peeps. Take that leap of faith out of your comfort zone. Go to a coffee shop by yourself without your laptop or cell and sit there. Just sit there. Putting away the consistent need to pull out your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed just because you're alone. Instead, get up and say hi to a stranger. It may sound old fashioned, but since when is that a bad thing?

6. Professional - Persistence. Make 2017 the year of persistence. Persist at work - whatever it is you do. Persist through the fears, the self-doubt, the anxieties holding you back. Persevere. Because we all know how very sweet it is when you work hard and get your desired result. There is nothing like it. 

Tis the Season to be.... Not Stressed! | 5 DIY Holiday Inspired Favors

Tis the Season to be…. Not Stressed!

5 DIY Holiday Inspired Favors


Weather is getting colder, houses are getting decorated, presents are being bought, but for those of you planning holiday parties or winter weddings—we know you have a lot more stress [and fun] on your plate.


That’s why we’re here to inspire you!


You want to give your guests something special to leave with besides memories, but you’re unsure of what to give. You may want to do something creative, but you probably want to save money where you can, am I right? These 5 DIY holiday inspired favors are perfect for any small holiday gathering or a huge winter wonderland wedding.


Relax by the fire, slippers on, hot chocolate in hand, and read away.


Tis the season,



1. Brownies/Hot Chocolate in a Jar

YUM. Need I say more? Everyone loves brownies and everyone loves hot chocolate, especially during the holiday season.  This is an easy and thoughtful favor that will be sure to put a smile on every guest’s face—regardless of age! Not to mention your guests will remember how great of a time they had at your wedding or event when they’re baking those brownies or making that hot chocolate weeks after your special day!


2. Mini Evergreen Trees

Maybe I am a fan of this one because I adore greenery, but how much more holiday-inspired can you get than a mini Christmas tree? Simply a great seasonal gift. Plus, your partygoers are headed home with a tree (well a tree seedling), but how cool is that?


3. Gold Champagne Cork Name Place Holders

I love, love, love this one! It may not be the most use-able something for your partygoers to leave with, but they are cute and festive in my book! All you need are champagne corks (perfect excuse for you to drink endless amounts of champagne—you’re welcome), a paintbrush, gold paint, and name cards of your choice decorated however you would like with your guests names! Perfect for a chic wedding or a new years even celebration!


4. Snowball Cake Pops

The easiest, yet yummiest way to please your guests taste buds! Even if you’re not a baking connoisseur, a cake pop is simple to make! Decorate them by dipping them in white chocolate and then rolling in coconut or sugar crystals and voila—a snowball inspired cake pop! Get extra fancy by tying a customizable tag and wrapping them in small plastic candy bags. Even your guests who don’t like snow will be sure to like these sweet treats!


5. Holiday Colored Wine Glasses

Is the saying “great minds think alike” or “great minds drink alike?”    We know which one we prefer, and we know which ones your guests will prefer too! Cheap wine glasses are a fun and affordable way to give your guests something practical they can use all the time. And, who says all of the glasses need to match? If your wedding or event is far enough away, collect holiday colored glasses, as you see them to have a unique collection for your guests to choose from. Cheers!


Photography Inspo: Pinterest

Kylie Mascara: Bold Beauty Inside and Out

It is rare to come across the kinds of people in life who have the ability to make another person feel like they are something; feel like they can make something of themselves. However, sometimes you meet someone who does have that ability; someone who genuinely wants to help others feel their best. Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant Kylie Mascara is one of those people.

We recently got the opportunity to sit down with Kylie and talk; and talk we did. What was only supposed to be an hour meeting turned into an almost three hour discussion. We chatted about Kylie’s journey, her professional business, and bridal style.

In her own words, Kylie summarizes a little bit about her background and what inspired her to be the leader of her own successful empire today. “I grew up witnessing beautiful transformations. I would watch as women walked into my Mother’s salon and spa, and walked out looking and feeling better about themselves. Inspired and desperately wanting to attend beauty school at the age of 18, my parents insisted that college and grad school be my next steps. I have always been fascinated by fashion and what that means to us as individuals. Modeling with Docherty Agency after college and working on sets of photo shoots really brought everything to the surface for me. After years of working in the corporate world, I began working for Anthropologie in 2012. I started my own personal styling business that same year. Today, I am transforming closets and wardrobes, guiding my clients to local boutiques, and clothing them in confidence. I encourage every one of my clients to look and feel their very best and see their true potential and self-worth – all without spending a fortune.”

Talking with Kylie you can immediately tell how passionate she is about what she does. Yes, because of her fascination in fashion but more so because of the results; empowering others to realize their worth. She believes there is nothing more fulfilling than building yourself by building others. We could not agree more with her. Even though our businesses are different, they are also very similar - we are both motivated by encouraging others to find happiness. 

Kylie was a wealth of information during our meeting, the amount of insight and advice she had for two young, female entrepreneurs was unbelievable (we told her multiple times that she needs to write a book, yeah she is just that dang awesome). She explained that energy is the best thing you have, your energy determines every aspect of your life. Kylie went on to tell us that as an entrepreneur, especially as a young woman, the worst set back you can create for yourself is seeking affirmation where you will not get it. Toni and I will never forget that piece of advice. As Kylie put it, if you are hungry for something you will not stop until you are full, therefore the criticism and negative opinions are irrelevant. Basically, she is the ultimate #ladyboss. 

Over the course of her lady boss reign, she has taken on a handful of brides-to-be seeking professional styling assistance. Kylie has an eye for body frame and what would be the most flattering style for her bride. However, bridal styling does not just include the actual wedding day, it extends beyond that. Her services have been used for rehearsal dinner wardrobes to honeymoon wardrobes - she does it all. The most important part of bridal styling, and styling in general, according to Kylie, is asking the client "how do you feel?". She will ask this while dress shopping with a bridal client and if they say they "like" the dress, it is back on the hanger before they can say "I do". Kylie wants her brides to feel fireworks. There is no time for so-so feelings when it comes to your wedding dress.

Kylie, Toni and I went on to talk about the current bridal trends of today. Kylie mentioned how she has noticed a shift in the bridal industry, a whole new level of romanticism is evolving; she calls it refreshing. We discussed how our generation is bringing it to the surface, there seems to be a yearn to recreate the classic and timeless elements from weddings in the past. Much inspiration has been drawn from those classic weddings that our grandparents grew up witnessing. Kylie expressed how this form of elegance, grace and poise is coming back with a vengeance and our generation is hungry for it.

We can not express how happy we were to meet Kylie and have the chance to hear all the intriguing information she had to offer - not only in terms of bridal style but also in terms of entreprenuership and self-motivation. Stay tuned to see the even bigger things to come from this driven, passionate and BOLD beauty. She is showing Pittsburgh one person at a time what it means to be beautiful from the inside-out. 

To connect with Kylie, you can visit her website www.kyliemascara.com and learn more about her confidence-making services.

A special thank you to Kylie for participating in this blog!




Photography provided by Elizabeth Craig

Make-up provided by Hannah Conard Beauty

Six Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

Hello lovelies,

So, we know most of you have a one-track mind when it comes to finding your wedding dress - it needs to be perfect. And by perfect I mean all the stars have aligned in heaven, you've had at least 5 signs telling you it is the one and you can not picture yourself in anything else when walking down the aisle to forever with your best friend. We know, we get it.

However, what happens to that beautiful gown post wedding? You have loved it unconditionally up until the "I do's"; it has become a cherished memory engraved in your mind symbolizing the love you share with your spouse so hanging it up in a dark closet would just be wrong.. right?

Depending on the type of person you are, you may want to get creative with it - incorporate your dress into something that you can look at on the daily. Below we have shared 10 ways that your wedding dress can be re-created into something new, hopefully some of the ideas inspire you :)

Happy weekend,


1. Lace Pendant - If your wedding dress has lace detailing - snipping a small section of the lace off and inserting it into a locket-type necklace make for a beautiful and beloved piece of jewelry.

2. Bouquet Wrap - Whether it is your daughter, niece or another special gal in your life making a wrap for their bridal bouquet is the perfect sentimental touch.

3. Throw Pillow - For those of you who adore home decor, using material from your gown to create a throw pillow for you and your partner's bed would add a romantic feel.

4. Christening Gown - This one is one of my favorites. How special would it be for your children to get baptized in the dress you wore to marry their father. Such a symbol of love coming full circle.

5. Wall Art - If you are really artsy then you would be brave enough to create a wall piece with the material from your dress; something special to hang in your bedroom or anywhere in the house that your eyes often wander.

6. Photoshoot - This one is fun. Once your closest group of gals (sisters, friends - whoever they may be) are all married put on your wedding gowns and do a photoshoot. These pictures will be the ones you love looking back on in years to come.

Pittsburgh Photography & Videography: Jake Carlson Media

Hey all! 

We wanted to start another series here on our blog specifically about Pittsburgh photographers and videographers who work in the wedding and event industry.  We love collaborating and getting the chance to learn from all the wonderful talent Pittsburgh has to offer in the creative space. 

Today, I am excited to share a post about local Pittsburgh photographer and videographer, Jake Carlson. Jake is owner and founder of his own business, Jake Carslon Media.  He is experienced in all areas of his industry - shooting a wide variety of exceptional content. Jake's talent spans from capturing the intricate movement in athletics to the enchantment and raw emotion in engagement and wedding shoots. The beautiful image included in today's post is among many of the moments Jake has caught on camera in his accomplished portfolio.  I recently had a conversation with Jake about his business, what inspires him and more. Definitely worth a read!


L: How did you get started in wedding/engagement videography and photography?

J: I filmed my first wedding at the beginning of my senior year in college.  This was one of my first paid opportunities to use a camera.  Everything until then had been for fun.  I had absolutely no idea what to charge, what equipment would be needed, or really what I was doing.  Before this my experience consisted of making edits with friends at 7 Springs (before being hired to work there) and side projects on my own.  Luckily the job was for a friend, so we agreed for it to be experimental at a very low rate.  Looking back I did so many things incorrectly.  It was incredibly eye opening as to what shooting weddings on a professional level was going to require.  Since then, I have researched and studied multiple techniques behind wedding films and photography.  Weddings for me came at a challenge at first.  I have been filming things since I was a kid and was always influenced by action sports films, music videos, and things of the sort.  In other words, I needed to take my style and slow it way down.  At first this was a challenge.  After years of practice and new experiences I have learned to appreciate art of the event, and to capture accordingly.  So far this year I have shot photo and video content at seven weddings. 


L: What is your favorite part about this business?

J:  No job is ever the exact same.  I love experiencing new things and this industry definitely allows for that.  I’ve personally never wanted to work in an office/cubicle environment.  Fortunately while shooting content I never really know where I’m going to end up.  2/2 – As far as capturing weddings, there’s a sense of satisfaction in being able to capture the biggest day in someone’s life.  Wedding albums are rare in the sense that people may be looking at them sixty plus years down the road.  I like that.


L: What inspires you when shooting engaged or married couples?

J: As an artist other photographers and videographers constantly inspire me.  Today with social media we are constantly exposed to top of the line work from all over the world.  Some times I find myself scrolling through an Instagram or Facebook account that belongs to someone I don’t even know. Although it’s mildly addicting, I think it’s good to step back and observe other work to fuel my own mind with new ideas.  Any time that you think you’re on top in this industry, think again.  There is always someone out there who sees the same scene in a different light and will create images that will make yours obsolete.  I’m constantly trying to stay ahead and discover new things. 


L: What is it you'd like to say with your photographs? And how do you get that message conveyed?

J: A sense of mystery.  I have always been very intrigued by images that leave questions.  “Where was this taken?”  “What settings did you use?” “How did you end up there?”  People with no background in photography or videography so easily fall into an illusion created by the image.  They see it and are struck by it.  I’ve found this to be incredibly true through social media.  The image that people paint around themselves on Instagram blows me away. Yet, there is a level of interest there.  I can expose my work on the Internet to enhance my image while marketing myself as a business, so why not?  I think the most important way to get that message conveyed is to keep expanding my horizons.  I for one am never satisfied, so I am constantly shooting new things in different ways.  For years, my images were focused around the Free-Ski industry and other action sports.  I could tell people were getting bored with it after awhile.  At the time a door opened for me to start shooting EDM shows at clubs in Pittsburgh.  I’m not even a huge EDM fan but it was something different to display.  Since then I’ve shot things from Snoop Dogg performing, to cows posing in a field to be sold on line.  People rarely know what I’m doing which I like, and the sense of mystery creates itself.


L: In the wedding industry, what is the biggest thing you've learned in regards to photography and videography?

J: I’ve learned to overshoot weddings.  It creates more work in post, but it is so much better to be in the position when you’re deciding which images to use rather than coming to terms with the fact that you don’t have enough content.


L: What is the best thing about the Pittsburgh wedding industry that you've experienced as a photographer and videographer?

J: Work is steady in this industry.  I’m sure that my age helps, but people around me everywhere are getting married and the jobs keep coming. 


L: What is the most important thing to establish in a videographer/photographer relationship with a client?

J: A level of comfort and trust.  I’ve learned that some people get very uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at them.  I try to make shoots as relaxed and fun as possible while ensuring the client that they will be happy with the final product.



If you, or someone you know, is looking for a skilled professional photographer or videographer - A & L Events would highly recommend Jake Carlson Media. We personally know satisfied clients of his and they could not be happier with his work. 

If you would like to contact Jake regarding business inquiries you can do so by clicking here

Until next week, 


The Infamous Pittsburgh Cookie Table

They say ‘I do’, and then you say ‘Where’s the Cookie Table?’


Everyone knows that aside from the couple saying their “I do’s” and the dancing [duh], the next most important thing at a wedding reception are the desserts!


Wedding cake is a must, and as most of you probably know, I am a huge fan of cupcakes. However, if you’re from Pittsburgh, I know what you have your eyes open for …

THE COOKIES! Hundreds of dozens of them. Or as many of you like to call it – The Pittsburgh Cookie Table!


Wedding receptions in the Pittsburgh area have, for as long as most people can remember, featured cookie tables. It is one of the most beloved wedding reception traditions in Pittsburgh. These tables display thousands of homemade old-fashioned cookies, the traditional favorites, and some of the most popular well-known cookies from bakeries in the area.


For weeks, or if you’re like my Italian family, maybe months, family members buckle down in the kitchen making dozens and dozens of delicious cookies to be showcased and later enjoyed by guests. Some may have moms, grandmothers, aunts, or friends making these cookies, but it’s not such a bad idea to buy some cookies from the delicious bakeries around Pittsburgh as well.


So, here are some of my favorites [Although, let’s be real, any cookie is my favorite cookie]:


Prantl’s Bakery: They offer a variety of different cookies. Really anything you could think up. Thumbprints, vanilla fudge, cutout cookies with jimmies [If you’re not from Pittsburgh, that means sprinkles!], and last but not least, the toasted almond cookie—about as close as you’re going to get to the infamous burnt almond torte cake from Prantl’s, without having the actual cake itself—aka a must!


Bethel Bakery: You can absolutely not go wrong ordering your mini lady lox from Bethel Bakery. They. Are. So. Good. Every. Single. Time. In addition to that goodness, also try out the buck eyes, chocolate chip half dip, jelly tea, and you cannot forget about the strassberger butter!


Oakmont Bakery: Assorted mini cheesecakes, mini creampuffs, peanut butter blossoms (classic!), and nut and apricot kolache. Don’t even question me, just go try these, and then order!


Eat’n’Park: This is me half being silly, half being semi serious [ok, really serious]. But for real, what’s a Pittsburgh cookie table without SMILEY COOKIES?!


How many cookies? How many is too many? Well, I say you can never have too many cookies. However, being realistic, most bakeries and people suggest about 3-4 cookies per guest. Personally, I would double that and say 6-7, and then some extra J


So, a little words of wisdom: Do not be the Pittsburgh couple that doesn’t know what to say when guests as “Where’s the Cookie Table?”


NOTE: Be sure to include goodie bags/boxes on the table, because I can bet you that all of your guests are going to want to take some home!


- A

Team Tassy's Blackjack Spectacular Event

Tonight, we had the privilege of being a part of the Team Tassy Blackjack Spectacular Event held at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory.  

If you are not familiar with Team Tassy, they are a Pittsburgh based nonprofit supporting Haitian families.  Team Tassy is led by founder Ian Rosenberger and supported by a team of amazing people defending a meaningful mission: accompanying families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs.  As we know, there has been more devastating damage in Haiti due to the recent hurricanes. If there is a time to help these families, it is now more than ever. 

Now let's talk shop. This was the third annual Blackjack Spectacular Team Tassy has hosted at The Priory.  The event centered around an evening of blackjack, authentic Haitian food, cocktails, and amazing raffle prizes (including an electric guitar signed by the Rolling Stones. Yeah, awesome.)  There was also three tables organized to help educate guests on some of Team Tassy's work that displayed Haitian culture and Haitian families in need of donations. They had a turnout of about 250.  The Blackjack Spectacular is funded through local sponsors; Allegheny Health Network, Howard Hanna and more.  As guests you had three choices of admission; general admission, VIP or Private Table. The general admission tickets were priced at $50 which included 2 drinks and 10 gambling chips, the VIP tickets were priced at $100 and included an exclusive blackjack cocktail hour, open bar and 10 gambling chips, the private table admission tickets were priced at $1000 and included an entire table for the entire evening, 8 VIP tickets and reserved seating. Live music played in the background creating an upbeat atmosphere, so needless to say, spirits were high.

This event not only was a spectacular time (see, I told you I like puns. So lame.), but it was also so inspiring. The importance of this fundraised money is critical. With this money Team Tassy will be able to break the cycles of poverty in Haiti and provide stability to those who need it most. It truly is a beautiful thing. I have great admiration for this organization, the team members and those who support this charitable cause. 

If you find it on your heart to donate to this one-of-a-kind corporation I will link the page below. 

A very special thanks to Team Tassy and Lauren Molinaro for letting A & L assist in this hugely successful event!



Toni's Timeline Tips

So you have spent months planning an upcoming event, or in some cases, a wedding.

Now you are feeling stressed and worried because what if everything doesn’t run smoothly or on time? What if something is missing or that Pinterest idea you spent a month making doesn’t even get used? Well, the easiest way to ensure all of this is to make sure you have a great TIMELINE!

No, no, we are not talking about your Facebook Timeline. But, an event timeline that covers every detail you could imagine for your event or wedding. 

Think of your most prized possession, your go-to, your sidekick—on your event or wedding day—this will be your TIMELINE!

Here are some of Toni’s Timeline Tips:

1.    Start to finish- This tip seems obvious, but it is not always followed! Your timeline needs to start when set up or prep begins for your event or wedding. It needs to conclude at the very end of your event or wedding; most often this is tear down. And it must include everything in between!

2.    Details to details …and then more details – You want to include EVERYTHING. I can tell you first hand that an event or wedding day is hectic, so it’s easy for someone to forget something small or overlook a detail. If there is something you think you may forget, then make sure it is on your timeline! Whether it’s food options, the number of labeled boxes or bins with décor that should present, or who is bringing what at what time, make sure it is there not to forget!            

3.   Names to numbers – On your timeline, you will have the names of who is arriving when, who is bringing what, or what is going where. But, what happens when Sally doesn’t show up with the cake, or someone has a question for the DJ, or you can’t quite remember where that table is going? You will need to double check with people, in which case, it is best to have names and contact information [usually phone numbers] for everyone mentioned on the timeline. This includes vendors, a venue coordinator, certain family or friends, and most importantly YOU! All of this easy to find in one place.

5.   Easy to follow – I cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen timelines [with every detail possible] that make perfect sense to the person who made them, but through the eyes of someone else, it looks like confusion on a page. Confusion leads to questions and questions lead to room for error. To avoid all of this, make sure your timeline is clearly formatted, easy to read, and organized. Use a program you are familiar with. Remember, the straighter forward, the better!    

Hopefully these tips convince you to spend a little more time on your event timeline and a little less time on your Facebook Timeline ;-)


Groomsmen Gift Guide

"Bro's before..."

JUST KIDDING! Really, I am.

Although your wedding day is about the love you share together as a couple, a groom can not forget about his day one dudes. If you are a stumped groom-to-be looking for some inspo on what to give your best buds as a token of gratitude for standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life.. Then this is for you.

Remember, you have to keep in mind what fits your groomsmen as a whole. You are the one who knows them best. Spend a little time thinking about what they would appreciate. Personalizing and customizing these gifts is a small extra touch that goes a long way.

  • Mini Bar in a Jar - Easy, but sure to be a hit. Gather your groomsmens' favorite types of liquor and put it in a see-through glass jar. You can individualize each based on their drink(s) of choice.
  • Watch Box - If your guys are into a nice piece of arm candy (and no, not one of the bridesmaids) then customized watches might be what you are looking for.
  • BBQ Set - For the grill master groomsmen out there. Personalizing a full grill set is another great option for your dudes if they are the types to enjoy it, something they can use forever!
  • Cooler Backpack - If your dudes are into hunting, camping, fishing etc. this is a good one. Adding initials is a polished extra touch. My hubs was all over this.
  • Wallet/Cardholder - Customize a leather wallet or cardholder with initials, nicknames. This is useful and can be used for a long time to come.
  • Beer Flight - If your groomsmen are beer connoisseurs look into this one. Of course you can individualize it based on each guy, but what man doesn't want this displayed in their bachelor pad?
  • Cigar Box - With this one, similar to the mini bar, you can personalize each one with the cigars each man prefers. Sure to be a smokin' hit. (Too lame? I know).

There are tons of helpful websites specifically catered to groomsmen gifts these days (I linked some of my faves below). All it takes is one quick Google search. These ideas above are very universal and could work for a wide range of groomsmen. Hopefully it sparked some inspiration, happy groomsmen gifting!




- L

Bridal Beauty: Flawless Foundation

This is the first post of more to come in our "Bridal Beauty" series here on our blog!

Hey there, all my beautiful brides-to-be! I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you. I'm no make-up artist, however, I do consider myself a make-up junkie.. So I'd like to say I know a thing or two :)

Today's post is all about how to create that sought-after flawless skin every bride wants on her wedding day. Below I've assembled types of products, as well as actual product examples, that help to enhance a bride's natural beauty. 

  • Primer: One of the most important steps. Prepares skin for make up. Allows effortless foundation application. Tip - look for a long-lasting and water-resistant primer. Trick - let primer sit for 5 minutes before applying foundation.
    • How do I pick the proper primer based on my skin type? (key words)
      • Dry skin type: moisturizing, hydrating, illuminating [Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Hydrating]
      • Combination skin type: smoothing, equalizing, blurring [Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer]
      • Oily skin type: mattifying, oil control, pore minimizing [Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional] 
  • Foundation: Achieving a flawless complexion is one of the biggest bridal concerns.  Tip - do not use a foundation on your wedding day that contains SPF (translates unflattering on high definition cameras). Trick - apply foundation with a brush then beauty sponge to pick up excess product.
    • How do I pick the proper foundation based on my skin type? (key words)
      • Dry skin type: hydrating, illuminating finish [Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation]
      • Combination skin type: enhancing, natural finish [Make Up For Ever Ultra-HD Invisible Cover Foundation]
      • Oily skin type: mattifying, matte finish [Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup]

I hope you enjoyed this Bridal Beauty blog post and learned a little somethin' from it. And remember ladies, you always wake up flawless. XOXO

- L